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Deep Sky Chile is a remote telescope hosting facility located at arguably the best spot on the planet for remote telescopes, Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile. Cerro Tololo, Gemini South and the brand new LSST observatories share the same sky. This location is a true Bortle Class 1 dark site with an incredible 320 nights per year of clear skies! Telescope 2 is located at Deep Sky Chile. More News to come!


AstroBin is an image hosting platform and social network for astrophotographers. We're a remote hosting facility on Astrobin's Remote Astrophotography Page. We are an Astrobin sponsor. 


Telescopius is the best site on the internet for planning your astrophotography and photometry sessions. Everything you need including framing, current moon phase, what's up, target altitude, and more is readily available for planning your night or season. Remoteskies' telescopes are integrated into the Telescopius Telescope Simulator and What's in the Sky Tonight features. You can take advantage of these astronomy planning features by pressing the Find a Target or Simulate Target buttons next to each telescope on our home page

Bio: is owned and operated by Dustin and Georgia Williams.

Dustin Williams is an MIT degreed mechanical engineer who works in aerospace. He's been an automation and robotics engineer for over 20 years. He's been an amatuer visual astronomer for 35 years and an astrophotographer for the last 7 years.

Georgia Williams creates custom metalwork and specializes in copper artwork. She's also been an amatuer astronomer for over 30 years. Georgia assists with the business and web related operations at